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Milwaukee's Most Unique, Stylish Kids Haircuts

Everyone deserves to feel good about the way they look, and it's especially important for kids! Our expert team at Showtime Barbershop will give your kid the cool hairstyle they need to feel confident and unafraid. We provide the most versatile, professional haircuts in Milwaukee, perfect for kids of any age who want to look good, feel good, and impress their peers. From fade cuts to slick designs, we'll keep your child happy and smiling. 

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Why Get Your Kid's Haircut at Showtime Barbershop?

We offer professional haircut services at a reasonable price. Showtime Barbershop hires only the best barbers and stylists in Milwaukee, because we know that hair matters -- how you look affects how you feel. A good haircut gives kids confidence. Whether you're preparing for a special occasion or just in need of a trim, our team is happy to give you the high-quality haircut you need at the price you want.

We offer Kids Haircuts in every style:
  • Fades and tapers 
  • Scissor cuts
  • Awesome designs
  • Anything you can dream up

From start to finish, we offer a professional haircut experience that you and your kid will love. We believe in unique, stylish cuts. We believe in giving kids the confidence they need to thrive and a cool cut that they can show off to their friends. Let's get started.

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Showtime Barbershop is committed to high-quality haircuts for kids, adults, and everyone in between. We've assembled a team of the best barbers, stylists, and haircutters in Milwaukee -- all you have to do is come in, sit down, relax, and get the best haircut of your life. 

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