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  • Came in right before closing, but Jose was very cool about it and did great job for my son. Definitely going back!

  • Very welcoming atmosphere. All the barbers are professional and friendly. I was able to get a haircut from a barber Chemo, very professional, knows how to keep the conversation going. Which is good because i sometimes be sleeping on barbers, gives great tips on improving on your hair or hair style. It really shows that he knows his craft and ive been going there since.

    Eric Garcia
  • Clean respectable establishment with a respectable crew👍💯 David is my go to guy but they all do excellent work. Good music with no Profanity allowed which is great because I take all my children there👍 KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK & BUSINESS💯‼

    Will Perez
  • Had a great experience here. The shop is very clean with a relaxed environment. Marco cut my hair - he listened to what I said, he did a great job, clean lines and a good fade. Will return again, would definitely recommend.

    Edward Black
  • 100% the best. I am able to book appointments with my barber on short notice with an easy and convenient app. I highly recommend switching to this barbershop if you are ever unsatisfied with your barber anywhere else.

    Collin Rave
  • Chemo Olvera is my guy. Best in the business. Only guy I go to!!

    Sean Sanguansap
  • Nate is the Man. Whatever your looking for, he can hook you up. Clean, respectable. Nate takes his time to make sure every part of your hair cut is perfect.

    David Corneliuson
  • Best barber!! Mike G. Makes my 7 yr old look good enough to get a job.

    Brian John
  • Good barbers and nice atmosphere and good customer service

    Steven Guadalupe
  • If you need a fresh cut, go see Nate. No matter what texture of hair, the homie is good.

    Aarón E-G


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